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Appliance Geeks Dunwoody GA is dedicated to providing 100% satisfaction for all your major appliances and air conditioners! 

Our appliance repair technicians team is available for SAME DAY,Sunday, and holiday appointments. (678) 648-7574

 We are are experienced working with all models and brands of major appliances, and air conditioners.
Whirlpool, American Standard, Carrier, JENN-AIR, Admiral, Bryant, Amana, SubZero, Bosch and many more.

We offer FREE Service Calls with completed appliance repair.
We also have a 1 year guarantee on all our appliance and air conditioner repairs.

We are located at: 1643 Mount Vernon Rd Atlanta, GA 30338
Give us a call: (678) 648-7574

We provide the same quality services on All Major Brands and Models of appliance Residential and Commercial.
The geeks appliance repair Dunwoody GA specializes on:

Our appliance repair service area covers Dunwoody and it’s surrounding areas. For full list, click here 

Dunwoody 30338

North Druid Hills 30329

Midville 30441

Midtown 30309

Snellville 30039

Chamblee 30341

Alpharetta 30004

Marietta 30008

Here are some appliances brands we repair:















Jenn – Air



Kitchen Aid

Magic Chef







Sub – Zero



And more.

Caution:Working with major appliances is dangerous. Most of the time when an untrained person gets involved in appliance repair, they end up damaging there appliance more than it was already damaged. We do not want you to harm your life or your appliances life. (678) 648-7574

So if you are not familiar or experienced with your appliance, don’t hesitate to call, ALL are appliance repair technicians are certified, trained, and experienced. 

Each of our technicians is individually trained by professionals to provide our customers with the best quality work.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why is my refrigerator leaking water on the floor?

A: The frost free refrigerators melt ice and frost off the coils which creates water. Some refrigerator models use a heated catch pan to cause the water to evaporate while others use a simple drain hose which can easily become clogged. So since the pan is usually small it will tend to overflow sometimes. If you regularly practice preventive maintenance tips  on your unit this will eliminate this problem from happening in the future.  

Q: Why do my glass cups come out of the dishwasher foggy?

A: This common problem is usually caused by using too much dishwasher detergent. Adjust the amount of detergent. Also the use of a rinsing agent will alleviate most of this problem too. 

Q: Why is it taking forever for my clothes to dry?

A: There are two components required for efficient dryer operation, the heat and air flow. The thermostat setting controls the the setting. If the venting system is obstructed in anyway, even partially, the dryer cannot get rid of the moisture. It is equally as important to keep the filter screen clean, its best to clean it out after each load. Also, overloading the dryer is the most common cause of dryer inefficiency. 

Q: My electric oven / range / cook top is not working at all. Help! 

A: Make sure there is power getting to your oven / range / cooktop. Check for a tripped circui breaker or a blown fuse. Check the wall socket fro power with a voltmeter. Sometimes the power cord disconnects or burns at the appliance, if this is the case; the wiring on the terminal block must be repaired or replaced. Other possible reasons for them to become malfunctioning is because the receptacles or infinite switch has burned out. 

Q: Why does my dishwasher leak out of the bottom when it’s in the wash cycle? 

A: Its most likely because the door seal is worn out. Open the door and closely inspect the gasket, it’s usually either mashed or torn near the bottom. Replacement is typically very easy. Simply pull the old one out of the slot it sits in and put the new one back in the slot. 

Q: Why does my washer stop at the rinse cycle?

A: If you have a modern washer then its most likely because those washers use cold water for rinsing clothes. If the cold water side of the water valve is clogged or not otherwise working, the washer waits until the tub is filled before advancing through the cycle. Basically its no water, no cycle. 

Q: Why do the burners or broiler on my range not work at all time?

 A: Loose connections or clogged ones are usually the cause of intermittent operation. Sometimes a faulty control switch will produce the same symptom. If you have a pilotless model, it uses a spark igniter to ignite the gas, which works in a combination with a spark switch, it might need a replacement once it burned out. There are also possible causes such as defective thermostat, defective selector switch, and defective gas safety valves which need a professional care from our technicians. 




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Did you know?
We also offer appliance repair Las Vegas services. If you or someone you know need service in Las Vegas, NV Let us know, we will be happy to send a technician to him today!

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Excellent Job

Jul 19, 2009 by Melisa Rodriguez

Your guys are the best appliance repair company i've dealt with. You were on time and clean while repairing my dishwasher. You figured out the problem that companies weren't able to diagnose.

Appliance Dr Dunwoody, GA (678) 648-7574(678) 648-7574 1643 Mount Vernon Rd Atlanta Atlanta Atlanta GA, 30338 USA 5.0 5.0 1 1 Your guys are the best appliance repair company i've dealt with. You were on time and clean while repairing my dishwasher. You figured out the problem that companies weren't able t

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